Usability Analysis and Testing

Usability Analysis and Testing imageAre users struggling to find information on your website, understand your navigation system or have to scroll page after page reading wordy and lengthy text? Does your website look and behave the same in browsers other than Internet Explorer? Do users that employ specialist technologies such as screen readers or PDAs have trouble accessing your information?

Is it time for a tune-up?

Internet users have a very low threshold of tolerance when they come across a website. Any elements of the site they're visiting that may annoy them or prevent them from getting what they need or want will discourage them from using or visiting your site later on. The most common usability issues that users come across are tiny font sizes, splash screens that require users to click through or install plugins to view, poorly structured menus and confusing error messages. As a company, these often-overlooked issues can cost you customers, and in the end business.

The entire customer experience must be considered when planning out a website, otherwise users will be clicking onto competitors' websites in droves. There is no point in being the number one link in Google, if your website doesn't live up to the service that your customers are to expect from you. An online presence should be as good as your call centre services or over the counter customer assistance -- one weak outlet of service can be devastating to your overall business impression to prospective and repeat customers alike.

aCore Consulting Solutions have years of usability testing and accessibility analysis and experience, and know exactly what a site needs in terms of both usability and accessibility. We provide usability auditing and testing for your site, reviews and recommendations, provide you with usability reports, accessibility analysis tests and reports, and are also able to carry out the necessary changes to make your website smooth, professional, and very easy to use and understand.