RMIT Union

  • Description: An easy to use intranet solution for administrative office that is interactive, easy to use and socially centralised to improve efficiency of the office.
  • Web Technologies used: Ajax, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and HTML
  • Date Released: April 2007

RMIT Union is a subsidiary of RMIT University, and is responsible for the organisation and running of social, cultural, sporting and recreational events at the university. An intranet system was proposed to facilitate the multiple contact points and information sharing that is conducted on an every day basis throughout the subsidiary.


RMIT Union RUWorld Login Page RMIT Union RUWorld Index Page RMIT Union RUWorld Drag and Drop customisation RMIT Union RUWorld Knowledge Base Module RMIT Union RUWorld File Management Module RMIT Union RUWorld Corporate Calendar Module

aCore Consulting Solutions developed and designed a corporate intranet system for the RMIT Union to use and collaborate on, allowing members to easily consult fellow workmates, organise meetings and events, and publish and upload corporate documents and information to a centralised location.

Users are greeted with a "Dashboard" system that allows members to see the most important information at a glance, without having to delve through menus and click through hyperlinks. A level of customisation is allowed within the system, giving the user the benefit of organising the information that they want to see, in the way that they want and feel comfortable with. All of these extra user interface features are implemented using easy clicking on buttons, links and drag-and-drop methods.

The RMIT Union Intranet features web standards compliant code, a usability standards compliant graphic interface and is designed in a modular format in the event that RMIT Union desires to have extra functionality bolted on to the system.

The RMIT Union Intranet has been so successful that aCore Consulting Solutions has decided to implement our own version to use for our own business. The system being designed from the ground up to be modular, has assisted greatly in the customisation for our own business models, and is easily to modify and deploy to other businesses and companies who can see the benefits of rolling out their own intranet system.