RMIT University

  • Description:
    • Usability analysis and graphic design for a new grouping and organisation system
    • Installation of web statistics reporting applications
    • Installation of web-based advanced database management applications

Usability Analysis and Graphic Design

RMIT University had contacted aCore Consulting Solutions in regards to a new system that they had organised and developed, a system for grouping and organising students into classes and have the documents required by the classes available to student log in sessions. Usability analysis and consultation was required to ensure that the system as a whole is not confusing or bewildering to its users, and accessibility concerns were considered within the analysis and consultation.

Graphic Art

RMIT Blue Frog RMIT Blue Frog

aCore Consulting Solutions also provided graphic design in the form of a logo for easy and effective visual identification of the system. During the requirements analysis and design phases, RMIT desired a friendly relationship to the logo, to give the feeling to the end user of something that is abstract to the designed system, yet likeable and casual at the same time. RMIT took a liking to the friendly blue frog, and so the frog became a mascot to the system, and not just a logo tacked on to a system.

Installation of web-based applications

RMIT Training, a subsidiary of RMIT University, was in dire need of accurate statistics for the many web sites that it hosts on their web servers to the Internet. aCore Consulting Solutions was able to provide assistance and support for RMIT Training by successfully installing the web-based reporting package AWStats, which allows reporting based on days, months or years, and provides detailed information on hit count, unique visits, even search terms used to find the website in question. All of this functionality is provided automatically and on the fly, which means that there is no manual processing of server log files required to see results, and are presented in a neat and easy to understand graphical interface, which means better understanding of how your websites and servers are performing.

aCore Consulting Solutions also installed an advanced database management interface called phpMyAdmin, which allows users to graphically view and edit data that is stored on a MySQL-based database system. phpMyAdmin now allows RMIT to properly grant permissions to usernames and tweak privilege settings even down to the granular level of database, table and field visibilities. RMIT Training, its coworkers and developers are reportedly pleased with the improvement of phpMyAdmin on their servers, and are delighted for the ease of use of performing their database management and functions over their old methods of doing the same workflows.