Project Management Services

aCore Consulting Solutions Project Management Services is a leading provider of project management and web project management services to large Australian Organisations.

Efficient and responsible project management is the key to any successful enterprise delivery. No matter how carefully planned a scheme is, without the competent supervision and coordination at all phases of the implementation, any project is likely to become an indescribable headache.

Whether you need a team of experts to design and execute a plan or a role player to provide interim support to keep your projects on schedule and within budget, you can rely on aCore Consulting Solutions ’ best-in-class professionals.

Projects may include, for example, company-wide PC desktop migration, large-scale installation of new software releases and large-scale implementation of corporate intranets and content management systems. Typically, Project Management accompanies every service delivery by aCore Consulting Solutions .

This includes:

  • Project planning
    Aimed to agreeing terms and reference of the project plan, scope of work, objectives and approach as well as defining criteria, measurement of success.
  • Project management
    Whereby aCore will account for the availability of a project manager with relevant skills and experience to take responsibility for the management of the project (resource planning, development monitoring, escalation, financials).
  • Post implementation review
    including reporting on delivery, outlining learning points and making recommendations on improvements.