Networking and IT Support

We understand that not everyone is an IT Guru or a computer scientist. Setting up and maintaining a network of computers is not an easy task for the average person to perform, and many people get frustrated when they don't understand or can't get their network or computers to work the way they want them to.

aCore Consulting Solutions has more than 7 years' experience with the setting up of business networks, computer workstations and terminals, and IT Help Desk and Support. We are capable of assisting you and your business with problems that you may be encountering with a variety of applications, and are able to visit your office or offer assistance over the phone.

We can also come to your workplace and upgrade your hardware and software to your requirements. Adding new functionality to your computer network in terms of web site statistics, installing operating systems and office software, and advanced database management interfaces are just some of the IT services that we can provide your business.

If you feel that your business requires networking or IT gurus to assist your computing requirements, please contact us.