Kozanoglu Compounding Pharmacy

  • Description: A website constructed for a Melbourne-based pharmacist, informing viewers of the goods and services offered. Also provides general medical information in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Web Technologies used: PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Date released: August 2005
  • URL: http://www.tcprx.com

Kozanoglu Compounding Pharmacy were in a need of a website to further extend their market visibility both locally and nationally. They also desired to better deliver medical and health information through a friendly to use interface that is available and accessible to all people, regardless of age.


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aCore Consulting Solutions were able to consult Kozanoglu Compounding Pharmacy with the importance and requirements of usability and accessibility for their website. Since one of the most important issues that need to be addressed for the website was the accessibility of content, the levels of usability and accessibility required for the site were addressed efficiently and effectively.

Navigation of the website is easy to use, clear and to the point. Health advice options are located on a sidebar and are easy to spot on screen, while the navigation for the different areas of the site are located in a navigation bar at the top of each page.

The site design was created from the ground up to convey a minimalistic, clinical aura as per the usual image of pharmacists today. The Rx logo, used by pharmacists all over the world, is displayed prominently at the top and is used as a tool to create a connection and trust between Kozanoglu Compounding Pharmacy and the viewer.

Kozanoglu Compounding Pharmacy are quite pleased with the way the website has developed, and have reported increased website hits and unique visitors. Kozanoglu use other forms of marketing as well, such as advertisements in the Yellow Pages, to complement the website, and have reported that this has worked quite well.