Corporate Intranets

Every business have all their documents in some sort of organised fashion -- anything from a set of filing cabinets, a computer or laptop with Microsoft Word documents in a folder under My Computer, or a bookshelf with papers and documents piled up.

More successful businesses endeavour to find an efficient method of organization. In the digital age of today, the most effective solution is an electronic one -- providing an intranet for a business allows its employees to quickly recall company documents, communicate in a group discussion online, publish and collaborate on documents, and many other functions.

Some examples of our Corporate Intranet work

Innovative Business Training Intranet, a central resource for company files and documents Innovative Business Training Intranet, uploading files and documents to the intranet RMIT Union Intranet, showing dashboard interface with customisable and draggable elements RMIT Union Intranet, event calendar

Installing and using an intranet for your business can improve the following for your employees:

  • Productivity -- allowing employees to quickly and easily find the information or documentation that they need to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. Having all your documents in the one place ensures that employees will always have the latest version of the information, and increases employees' confidence in knowing they have the correct data
  • Scalability -- new applications that your business may require can be built on top of a currently installed intranet. This allows new applications to automatically have visibility of current information and data, which decreases complexity, development time and cost, and increases efficiency and effectiveness of the newly developed applications
  • Efficiency -- why email everyone a Microsoft Word document or a PDF file as an attachment, when you can insert a link instead to a location of where the latest version of the document will always be available

aCore Consulting Solutions has deployed many intranet-based solutions to its customers, which has enabled many of the advantages above for their day to day business activities. If you feel that your business could do with an improvement in organization and efficiency, please contact us to arrange a meeting and to discuss your possibilities.