Fine Print Films

  • Description: A revamping of a current web presence, with a new design, examples of client work and more information
  • Web Technologies used: Ajax, PHP, CSS and HTML
  • Date released: June 2007
  • URL:

Fine Print Films is a company located in Victoria that create video projects for many events, including weddings and educational films. The business prides itself on creating professional, sophisticated and polished products, and Fine Print Films felt that their website at the time did not reflect this image. aCore Consulting Solutions proposed a solution to the issue, producing a small but professionally-designed and developed website that more closely matches the level of quality that Fine Print Films clients, current and potential alike, come to expect from the company.


Fine Print Films Home Page Fine Print Films Video Preview Fine Print Films Content Page Fine Print Films Portfolio Page Fine Print Films Contact Page

The website and graphic design comprises of a templating system that allows maintenance of the site as a whole to be a more straightforward activity. A complete CMS was not considered for the end product, as the content within the website would not be changing often over time. This however did not prevent aCore Consulting Solutions from producing a web site product that is easy to maintain and allows quick deployment of any changes, no matter how large they might be.