• Description: A dynamic site for the DJ company DJS4U. Advertises the services provided by the company, the DJs available, the dates available for bookings and ways of contacting the business
  • Web Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML
  • Date released: December 2005
  • URL:

DJS4U is a startup business offering DJing and MCing services to the Melbourne metropolitan area. At the time of consulting, no website existed, however DJS4U were aware of the added benefits of having a website available on the Internet to spearhead their marketing campaign for business.

Screenshots Home Page Event Display with Custom Calendars Administration Area Calendar and Event Management

aCore Consulting Solutions was able to provide DJS4U with comprehensive consulting, a design and layout for the site, development of the site and its features, and also web hosting space to store the site. The site was designed and developed from the ground up, with DJS4U providing visions and ideas of what was desired for the site, while aCore Consulting Solutions was able to provide the skills required to make these visions and ideas into reality.

The calendar that appears on the left is accessible from anywhere within the site, allowing the user to check for any available bookings for the dates that they are seeking for. The Latest News section on the front page keeps viewers updated on the latest gigs and parties that the business has catered for. The DJs and events sections inform the viewer of available DJs for their own functions, and upcoming events that DJS4U has been appointed for. The Contact Us form provides the viewer an easy way to contact the business, either by telephone or via the form, which is submitted via email to DJS4U.

An administration section exists in the back-end of the site in the form of a simple Content Management System (CMS), allowing administrators to update and maintain the sections of the site. The CMS also provides the functionality to update the Latest News, DJs and Events sections of the website. This area is secure and password-protected to ensure that no malicious activities can impair the integrity of the site as a whole.