Brandon Industries

  • Description: An online e-commerce type website allowing customers to view information about products for sale and to submit orders
  • Web Technologies used: Ajax, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Date Released: May 2006
  • URL:

Brandon Industries is a company that has been in the business of selling commercial catering equipment for over 30 years. Their old website lacked the design flair that they sought after to attract new customers to their wares. Customers who wanted to order a particular product had to contact a sales representative at Brandon Industries and enquire about a product to find out any information about that product, and when it came to purchasing or ordering the product, they would have needed to contact the business again to place an order.


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aCore Consulting Solutions designed, developed and deployed a complete website solution to assist Brandon Industries in selling their products. The website is dynamically driven -- administrators for the website can add, edit and delete as many products as they like, upload images for each product and can alter any other web content throughout the site in a Content Management System (CMS). Search functionality by relevance also features on the site, allowing customers to type only a couple of words to find the product that they are interested in. Product images fade into the middle of the screen as the surrounding browser window fades out in a darker shade.

An order cart functionality is also included, allowing customers to select what products they are interested in and store this in an 'order cart'. When submitting the cart online, Brandon Industries is contacted by email where a sales representative will contact the customer and discuss options and possibilities.

The administration interface allows those with the relevant security credentials to update and change almost every facet of the site -- web content, product information, and product images. Administrators are free to upload as many images as they like, and images are automatically resized for web optimisation.