Auto Ezy Search

  • Description: A dynamic business site, showcasing the classic cars that AutoEzySearch have imported in the past, along with the services available to their customers
  • Web Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML
  • Date released: July 2005
  • URL:

AutoEzySearch had previously requested a website from aCore Consulting Solutions when the company was a car broker. The original site was a small brochure site, providing information about the services originally offered and ways to contact the business directly.

Since that time AutoEzySearch had transformed into a classic car importer, and the website was in need of redevelopment. The company had visions of offering more information about the processes involved in importing a classic car from the United States, and also showcase some of the successful imports they have conducted. They also wanted to keep the look and feel of the old site, since this was familiar to their clients at the time.


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aCore Consulting Solutions assisted in redesigning and redeveloping the AutoEzySearch website to more closely reflect the business that the company conducts. Classic cars feature prominently throughout the site, and more relevant information is available on all pages. The basic visual design and features such as the colour theme switcher were kept from the original version of the site.

During development, aCore Consulting Solutions ensured that the site is usable and accessible from a range of Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Due to this testing, the site looks and behaves almost exactly the same, regardless of the browser used to view it.

AutoEzySearch also requested a way to update their content without either editing the raw content and code of the site, or hiring someone to do this for them. aCore Consulting Solutions therefore designed an administration backend / content management system that is password protected, and offers features to AutoEzySearch such as updating prices and some content of the site.

A classifieds section was also requested, allowing AutoEzySearch to advertise any products that they have for sale, directly through the website. This was also incorporated in the administration backend, allowing AutoEzySearch to update the items for sale, provide descriptions and upload pictures of the products for sale into a photo gallery. The photo gallery upload section also automatically resizes images for better web optimisation.